Huawei Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia | UNDISCOVERED

As the P30 Pro smartphone has an amazing camera, we wanted to encourage the audience to seek undiscovered beauty, take beautiful pictures, and attend the global Huawei photography contest InFocus.


Client: Huawei


Idea was to create a campaign Huawei Undiscovered, where photographers in each Baltic state would go out on expeditions to undiscovered places in their native country and find undiscovered beauty. They would capture their adventure with the new Huawei P30 Pro phone and invite the audience to explore their country. Also, by showing this undiscovered beauty, photographers would invite the audience to capture their undiscovered stories and attend the photography contest InFocus. It is social media – only campaign.


Engagement to albums from expeditions! LT: 4.23% eng.rate, LV: 6.39% eng.rate, EE: 3.2% eng.rate!

Main video about the project, video views to the end (from those who started watching): LT: 11.9%, LV: 16.3%, EE: 18%

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