SEB cybersecurity campaign

Together with SEB bank we decided to take the lead of the cybersecurity topic in the Baltics and create a tool that would help our local communities to be better equipped to deal with cybercriminals.

Client: SEB bank


We created a digital cybersecurity test with 10 questions that go through the most common scamming techniques currently used. However, we also needed to make the topic more appealing to attract attention and to be able to direct people to the test. That’s why we created a story and used a scammer as a central figure of it.

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The test was an interactive experience. The users were being talked to by a scammer and put into different situations where they had to choose the correct answer to get out of the situation without getting scammed. In the whole process, users could choose the help of SEB’s cybersecurity expert.


And the results were even better than we could ever expect! The test was visited by 230k users and 28% of these users completed the full test. The campaign went viral in the Baltics and received over 200 media mentions, was shared on national television, and endorsed by local authorities. We reached over 3 million people (65% of our target audience), had over 30 million impressions, and more than 1.6 million engagements on social media.

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