Malsena | Porridge day

Malsena and "Aš irgi noriu" team up to give the expression "I've made some porridge", which in Lithuanian means "I've gotten myself in trouble", a new positive meaning

Client: Malsena

About the project

October 10th – official, international day of Porridge, which is celebrated in Lithuania since 2014, thanks to Malsena. The first graders in Lithuania start it off by having a tasty and healthy breakfast – a bowl of oat porridge. Teachers encourage their students to complete various fun assignments and get acquainted with the principles of healthy and balanced diet.


Let’s put a positive spin on the expression which is very well known, but means “I’ve done something naughty”.


T-shirts with the phrase “I’ve made some porridge” in Lithuanian
A contest to win those t-shirts and postcards, which spreads the message about the benefits of porridge among the broader audience
Social media influencers and other well known people get involved
Additional (although very small) media buy to ensure that most of the target audience is reached.


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