HUAWEI x Tadao Cern | Step into the art

An introduction of a new smartphone in collaboration with a world renown artist Tadao Cern

Client: Huawei

About the project

Huawei introduced a new series of phones – Huawei P30 and P30Pro. The global campaign was rooted in #RewriteTheRules. This meant that the new phones were changing the rules of who can be a professional photographer. You no longer needed expensive equipment – everything you needed was in the new Huawei smartphone.

One of the main distinctions of Huawei P30 Pro camera – it’s low light photography capabilities. This led us to the idea of an art installation, which would be observed in very low light. People would be able to interact with the installation, take photos inside it and, of course, the new phone would be the ideal tool to convey all the beauty through their photos.


Together with world renown artist Tadao Cern we created an art installation in almost complete darkness “Step into the art”. Since people are usually forbidden from touching art, we decided to rewrite those rules too and let them not only touch, but literally walk into the installation and take photos in it. Additionally, a lot of content was made during the “making of” process – interviews with the artist, work progress, etc.


Wide coverage about the installation in all main news portals in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Opening event with all the biggest social media influencers and celebrities in the Baltics.

Campaign content reached more than 70% of our target audience online. Engagement on social media exceeded 11%. Physical attendance in the exhibition, which lasted only for a couple of weeks, was more than 1300 people.

Campaign gathered a lot of positive feedback from media and consumers – main praise was that instead of having just a usual announcement event, an opportunity to see a world famous artist’s work was give to the public for free.

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